Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Google Apps Sync Setup Guide (SP3)

Follow the instructions and screenshot’s below to setup your EmailCalendar and Contact Syncronisation to Outlook. This process will link you company email to your normal desktop computer. Important things you need before you start.

  1. Name of the account you’re setting up.
  2. Username of the account.
  3. Password of the account.

Important Prerequisites

  1. You are running this free/busy hotfix. Note that only MSI-based editions of Outlook 2010 are supported, not Click-to-Run editions. If you’re using Click-to-Run, you can follow these instructions from Microsoft to Switch to using an MSI-based Office edition.
  2. You are running Windows XP 32bit SP3, Windows Vista 32bit SP1, Windows Vista 64bit SP1, Windows 7 32bit or Windows 7 64bit.
  3. Ensure that Mail, Contacts and Calendars are backed on your computer before proceeding.
  4. You are using Google Apps for Business (not YourHostedSolution.co.uk demo account data).

Getting the show on the road

We’re going to use Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. This allows you to use Microsoft Outlook® 2010 effectively with Google Apps. You get the cost savings, security and reliability of Google Apps, while employees can use the interface they prefer for email, contacts and calendar.

  1. Ensure Outlook 2010 is closed before proceeding.
  2. Go to Google: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync
  3. Click Download Google Apps Sync

When prompted, enter your Google Apps for Business Username and Password

  1. It is recommended to check the option which states Import data from an existing profile if you choose not to, you will be unable to import the mail at a later date.
  2. Select the relevant profile from the drop down list and click Create Profile.
  3. By default Auto-Archive is disabled, if you click the Show Advanced Settings button you can enable this, but it is not necessary for the operation of your email account. By putting all your email in the cloud this means all historic email is also migrated. Meaning that you have access to it, wherever and whenever you wish.
  4. Once profile creation is completed click the button marked Start Microsoft Outlook.
  5. When Outlook opens choose the profile that represents you and your business e.g. you@yourbusiness.co.uk – Google Apps
  6. Google Apps Sync will perform an initial sync. This may take some time. The Google Apps Sync tool will keep your Mail, Calendar and Contacts up to date and will run in the background while Outlook is open.

Congratulations. You’re done. Syncronisation will begin automatically in a few moments. Administrative instructions can be found here from Google: http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=148484